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What is CSS | CSS INTRODUCTION | Uses of CSS | Types of CSS


What is CSS | CSS INTRODUCTION | Uses of CSS | Types of CSS

What is CSS? 

 So you want to know about what is CSS?. CSS stands for the cascade style sheet. it is used to style web pages and make your website design look great. The design of your site will all be based on the Cascade Style Sheet of your site.

Here are complete details if you want to see the advantages and disadvantages of CSS 


  1. CSS is used to adapt the presentation to different natures of devices, such as large screens, small screens, or responsive presentations.
  2. CSS is used for the presentation of designing the markup languages like HTML language.
  3. CSS is designed to make your file effective in the presentation and content, with design, colorsfonts, and complete layout of your site to make a good user experience.

Types of CSS   

  1. External CSS
  2. Internal CSS
  3. Inline CSS

  1. External CSS

External CSS is saved in different files and the design of The HTML file is saved in an external file and the External CSS file is linked with HTML the file that you are designing. This is the most popular method used by website developer and designers.  And they give the file name style.css to their file of the external CSS file.

      2.Internal CSS

Internal CSS is also used to style your website and interactive design and this type of style sheet is used in the HTML file or index file in the header section and linked all tags of HTML and linked with the index.

      3. Inline CSS

Inline CSS is also for designing your site it is used as in the inline it is used with the tags and it is used with every tag and makes a design with every tag. It is not so good method for website development and is not mostly used by website developers.

Final words 

CSS is used to make the website look great and attractive.  even if you want to work with WordPress then you have to learn CSS...
Without CSS your site will not give you a great look and looks bad and older like a person without taking a bath.

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