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What is Object Oriented Programming ? | OOP


What is Object Oriented Programming? | OOP

What is object-oriented programming | OOP
What is object-oriented programming | OOP

Object-oriented programming is a technique in which programmers define not only data type of data structure but also types of operations that can be applied to the data structure.

The basic concepts of Object-oriented programming

  1.       Abstraction
  2.       Class
  3.       Encapsulation
  4.       Information hiding
  5.       Inheritance
  6.       Interface
  7.       Messaging
  8.       Object
  9.      Polymorphism
  10.      Procedure

We will discuss all these basic concepts mentioned above about Object Oriented Programming


 Abstraction is the process of picking out or abstracting common features of objects and procedures.


Class contains objects. There are different objects in the class. In other words class in an instance of an object. Each object belongs to its class.


 Encapsulation is the wrapping or combine data which include variables and methods on which techniques or code acting or applying.

            Information Hiding: 

  Information hiding is the best feature of Object Oriented Programming. In which necessary information is hidden from the user. The real-life example of information hiding is:
Everyone knows ATM machine is for withdrawing money but no one knows what’s going on the back end.


    In inheritance, the characteristics of class A transfers to class B. same as the parents and child relation. In which characteristics of parent transfer to the child but child characteristics cannot be transferred to the parent. In OOP its works similar.

   The interface in Object Oriented Programming: 

 First, look at interface generally. The interface is the point between two things or a program that enables the user to communicate the computer. Similarly in Object Oriented Programming. the interface is some syntax or structure that allows the computer to apply some certain strategies on the object.

Example: there are different classes Class truck, Class bike, Class Car but something is needed to start up that is the engine (interface).


Message passing is a form of communication used in parallel programming and Object Oriented Programming...


An object is a component of the program that knows how to perform certain actions and how to interact with other perspectives of our program. The object is the basic component of Object Oriented Programming. In Object Oriented Programming object could be anything on which programmer work.


1.    A person
2.    A car


In simple words we can define polymorphism as the ability of message or some text to be displayed in more than one form. Or the best example is  a person who has more than one characteristics mean he is a father, he is a brother, he is a son.
In Object Oriented Programming, there are two types of polymorphism

 Compile time Polymorphism:

     In compile time polymorphism, where more than one method share the same name with different parameter in Object Oriented Programming.

 Runtime Polymorphism:

In Runtime polymorphism, where have the same methods with the same parameters in Object Oriented Programming.


A procedure can be defined as a part or section of the program that performs a specific task in Object Oriented Programming.

In Object Oriented Programming language their depth in techniques, their different syntax techniques use to write programs, the syntax is the rules or regulation of writing programs in Object Oriented Programming language.

               Object-oriented languages are 
  1.        C++, 
  2.        java
  3.        Python,
  4.        PHP, Ruby,
  5.        Perl,
  6.        Object Pascal,
  7.        Swift,
  8.        Common Lisp
  9.        Smalltalk.
Four Major Benefits of Object Oriented Programming:

  1.         Modularity for easier troubleshooting.
  2.         Reuse of code through inheritance.
  3.         Flexibility through polymorphism.
  4.         Effective problem solving.

The most important applications of Object-Oriented Programming are:

  1.       Client-Server System.
  2.        Object-Oriented Database.
  3.        l-Time System Design.
  4.        Simulation and Modeling System.
  5.        Hypertext and Hypermedia.
  6.        Neural Networking and Parallel Programming.
  7.        Office Automation System.
  8.        Artificial Intelligence Expert System.
  9.         CIM/CAD/CAM System.

The applications are mentions above the major applications of
Object-Oriented Programming. Anybody can learn the Object Oriented Programming but some of few knows the where these skills have to apply. Programmers that have skills of Object Oriented Programming languages must demand much more salary for his work because it’s not easy to work or understand the machine. Today in the world human cannot bear other human’s behavior so how could it possible a programmer can work or understand the machine easily so he must demand a much higher salary in his field.
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