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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you Must know about | Windows 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you Must know about | Windows 10 Best Short keys 

  • Take a Shot of Screen Some Specific Area.

  • Make Two Screen of browser as you required on your PC Screen.
Most of time we need to work and also watch some movie or drama or match, we go to browser and adjust with mouse. but here is solution with keyboard just press window key and short or big sign on keyboard then it will adjust automatically.

  • Rename any folder without using mouse.

Just pressing F2 on keyboard to rename a folder. 

  • Making Virtual Desktop 
If you want to make virtual desktop on your computer then just press WINDOW and CTRL  and D  on your keyboard.

  • Switch Between Virtual Desktop

When you want to switch between desktop then press Window key and CTRL and short or long on your keyboard. This will give show you different desktop views.

  • Copy Text Without Original Format

Most of times we copy some paragraph from internet and put into our Microsoft word file, but its formatting is not according to our desire. we should have a lot of time to make it to same format as we have already.  So there is shortcut key on your keyboard to copy text without original formatting.

  • Lock Your PC 
You have a shortcut for lock your PC just press WINDOW key and L key and your PC will automatically will lock.

  • Hide all Windows that you are working 
Assume you are working some secret work that you don't want to show someone and suddenly someone appear what will you prefer to do ?
Will you shutdown your PC ?
No no don't do that just Press WINDOW key and D key on your Keyboard and all your working windows will hide and you will go to desktop.

  • Zoom in Windows Stuff.

  • Zoom Out Windows Stuff.

  •  Default Size of Windows Stuff.

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