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What is Programming ?


 What is programming?

what is programming
what is programming

Programming : 

So you are curious about what is programming? here is the best solution with examples and definition.

Definition of programming:

A set of instructions that tells a computer what to do is called a program and a computer works according to the given instructions in the program the instructions are given to a computer in computer language. This process is called programming.

Exploring the concept of programming:

Programming is not the actual language of Humans its the only communication way with machines or computers. we write codes and get results by compiling them by compilers of the language otherwise we have to write the language in machine language I mean 0 or 1 language. The machine language is far away from humans and very easily understand the machines. We are humans so we always try our best to get results in easy ways and trying to make human life easy. So we are now at the age of technology that provides facilities even in programming languages. We have now programming languages that are using human language English like words. For example, the words that are used in programming languages are:

if-else, void,  include,  return, print, the, define, endif, break, true, and, case, NULL, static, data, string, size value, not, that, public, class, function, type, file, name, namespace, or, float, double, while, and many more words. 

Here I just put 1% of the C family languages that words are English like and used in programming languages in C family means C, C++, C#,  if I want to show you even only one language that uses the English like words and what are the words using in that programming language I must have to write an article for that purpose they are many many more. So now programmers work less as compare to the machine programming language that only exists on 0s and 1s. 

Why programming? 

Programming is the only way to make computers useable for humans. With Programming, Programmers give us solutions to all problems in the fastest way what computers provide to us.

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