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Programming | Computer Languages


Programming | Computer Languages

Programming | Computer Languages
                 Programming | Computer Languages

Programming Languages:

A set of words, symbols, and codes used to write programs is called programming language. There are a different type of programming languages are there for a different type of tasking to be done in different programs.

There are two types of computer programming languages.

  • Low-level Programming Languages.
  • High-level Programming Languages.

  1. Low-Level Programming Languages.

These programming languages are near to computer hardware and far away from human languages. So the computer can easily understand these type of programming languages. When we are going to write in a low-level programming language when we should have a deep knowledge of the internal structure of the computer hardware. Low-level programming languages are machine language and assembly language.

  • Machine  Programming Language.

This Programming language has only two digits to write programs. 0 and 1 this is called a binary system. The machine programming language is the only language that is directly accepted by computers and its fundamental language of computer systems. Machine programming language belongs to the first generation language. It's very difficult for humans and easy for machines. 

  • Assembly Programming Language.

This programming language is also low level just one step forward to the machine programming language.  This assembly programming language uses the symbols instead of binary code.
These symbols are called mnemonics. Assembly programming language is called symbolic language. However, the assembly programming language is easy for humans than a machine programming language.

       2. High-Level Programming Languages.

High-level programming languages are easy to understand for humans because these programming languages have human languages like words, for example, input-output, etc these are driven form English language. Programs are written in high-level programming languages can easily to write and modify then low-level programming languages. These programming can be divided into these categories.
  1. Procedural Programming Languages
  2. Object-Oriented Programming Languages.
  3. Non-Procedural Programming Languages.

  • Procedural Programming Languages

  2. BASIC
  3. COBOL
  5. C

  • Procedural Programming Languages

  1. C++
  2. JAVA

  • Non-Procedural Programming Languages.

  1. SQL
  2. RPG
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