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What is the function of tab key: Tab Key


What is the function of tab key | Tab Key 

what is the function of tab key
What is the function of tab key

Here in this article discuss the Tab Key and what is the function of tab key. I want to define what is the function of tab key first of all question is raised where is tab key on your laptop? It is existing on the left side of our keyboard the first key in the 3rd line of our keyboard. I will also discuss what is the function of shift tab? It has great functionality actually the key Tab ↹  is an abbreviation of tabulator key or tabular key or tab key on our computer laptop keyboard is used to advance the cursor to the next tab stop and it can be used with alt-tab to see multiple tasks and different windows and move from one window to other by using at a time both key pressing tab + alt. 

So before knowing what is tab key in the computer we should know basic knowledge about tab key is the most important key on our computer keyboard. we can check our other windows and at that time we can move forward and back forward as well. so we can say it import key on our keyboard that will not be wrong. 

The function of tab key

Here I will show you an example just imagine you want to make a Facebook account on your computer or laptop using a keyboard. you just open your browser and type facebook on google and you find a facebook signup link and click on that link you will find like this picture shown to you below.

what is the function of tab key
what is the function of tab key
For example, you are signing up for Facebook 
First, you have to write your name then surname then email or phone then password ......etc.
First, write your name then use the Tab button on your keyboard to go forward or go next.

what is the function of tab key
What is the function of tab key

And if you make a mistake you think you have to go back then you press  Shift + Tab on your keyboard to go back and correct the mistake and then again go forward to complete your form. after completing your form you will sign up. 

What is Primary use of tab key

The "tab" key's the first key several browsers use to navigate the interactive components on an internet page. The successive order of the weather receiving focus will facilitate a user to perceive the options on a web page. 

Use of tab key in ms word

When you are using Microsoft word processor and text editing software, the Tab key will change the inset point to the succeeding tab stop in a table, insert the ASCII tab character, or add several space characters.


I tried my best to give you knowledge about Tab key and what is the function of tab key.
This is what you can do for everything at every moment that will make your life easier and this will hopefully help you a lot. If you want to know about more things like that or want to know about anything I will share it with you.  Also if you have any questions related to this article feel free to ask me a question about the function of tab key I will try my best to give you an answer related to this topic. And if you want to see more IT Tricks and tips click here or go to the home page of my website and search in the search box your queries I have written more than 2000+ articles on IT Tricks and tips topics. 

I hope you will get the things as I mentioned here in my article take care of yourself be happy and enjoy your life. :) 


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