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How To Creating a Number Chart in Microsoft Office 2010 | Microsoft Word Tutorials

Creating a Number Chart in Microsoft Word |    Microsoft Word Tutorials 

Here you will learn how to Create a Number Chart in Microsoft Word.

First Open Your Microsoft Word And Follow My instructions.

First of all open a new file in your Microsoft word and then go to insert and create a table in your Microsoft word file.

Create a table according to your Number Chart size give the column and rows numbers and then click OK as shown in the picture.

When you Click on OK button then the table will create and you can see table.

Select All the Table and then go to Home Button and go to Numbering select the numbers from the numbering and also select the middle or align left.

When you Click and then you will see your table will show you a Number Chart adjust the size if you want.

                                              Good Luck  😊
            If you have any query then comment me i will solve.

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