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Top 5 Computer Languages


Top 5 Computer Languages

Computer Languages
Top 5 computer languages 


It is a Computer language that was developed in 1993 for students to write programs in BASIC. Actually, basic use numbers in each instruction, for example, the line of the programs will be normally 10,20,30,40 etc. Every Body can program in basic without the knowledge of Mathematics and Science. But the main focus is on how much you work hard and practice in Basic.   


Common Business oriented language this was developed in 1960. The latest ANSI standard has Object Oriented Programming to COBOL in 1985. The main aim of COBOL is to provide easy access to the non-programmers for example computer users and organizational related peoples. COBOL is one of the computer languages that is high standard and rich language.


FORTRAN Formula Translation computer programming language was Develop by famous computer company IBM in the 1950s. It was used for all scientific purposes. Object Oriented Programming language that can run very fast on even supercomputers. FORTRAN new version is FORTRAN 90 available nowadays.


Denis Ritchie was Developed C language in Bell Lab between the time 1969 and 1973. C Computer language is what you really know about how a computer really works.  After learning C language you will be able to write the best programs even in any language. C language should be the first computer language for all programs nowadays. After doing work on C language they will be able to work with all languages just a little difference.


PHP is a computer programming language that is used to develop websites. It is a very high-level language even Facebook is made with PHP language.  PHP uses MySQL database to control back-end all working.  If you want to do works with websites or web applications then you have to learn the PHP language.  PHP has different Frameworks.  One of the most famous and easiest frameworks is Word Press. 

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