Types of computer

Types of computer

On the basis of the principle of construction, computers are divided into three types:
  1.           Analog Computers
  2.            Digital Computer
  3.          Hybrid Computer
types of computer
Types of computer

Analog Computers

Analog quantities show the continuity of a specified value. Analog computers are the machines, that are used to measure continuous values.

Example 1

An example is a thermometer because of it measures the length of a mercury column, which varies continuously.

Example 2

 Another example is an analog clock, which measures time by means of the distance traveled by the hand of the clock around a dial.

Digital Computers

Digital means discrete. With digital signals, everything is described in two states it may on or it may be off. A digital computer bases on the rules of counting the figures. Actually, digital computers using the digital signals, that can distinguish between only two numeric values 0 and 1.


Digital watches are a good example of a digital computer, because the time, which is displayed, does not vary continuously but changes from one discrete value to another.

Hybrid computers

A computer that combines the characters of both analog and the digital computer is known as Hybrid Computer.

Example 1

Here i can explain the example of a hybrid computer system is a cement plant so there all problems of calculations are made by digital  computer and accordingly actions so as the increase of certain material in the furnace and increase / the decrease in petrol for the temperature is performed with the help of an analog computer system.

Example 2

 Another example In ICU (intensive care unit) of hospital hybrid computer used. This type of computer having analog quality controlling the temperatures of the room and the digital quality of these computers inform to the doctors about the blood pressure, temperature, and physical status of the patient so they are very useful computers.

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